Organization Structure

Organizational Structure of Educational Review Office ERO functions under the Ministry of Education (MOE) and reports to the National Education Council (NEC) headed by the Minister for Education. For providing technical support and guidance for policy maters to the specialized functions of ERO Assessment Committee comprising university professors, experts in the field of education management, student assessment and evaluation is also in place. To develop assessment as well as audit frameworks, tools and standards, various subject committees will also be formed as required. In order to lead ERO with technical and policy matters, Education Acts (8th amendement) provisioned a Chief Auditors, appointed by the Goverment, which yet be to nominated with some additional legal arrangements. A Joint Secretary, the first class government officer of GON works as the Excecutive Director of ERO.The ERO is organized into four units: National Assessment of Student Achievement (NASA), Performance Audit, Research and Development, Planning, Monitoring and Administration, coordinated each by the Under Secretary, the second class government officer working under the direct supervision and coordination of a Joint Secretary. ERO works as per the ERO operation Guidelines approved by the Ministry of Education as per the provision of Education Acts 2028 BS (Eight amendment, 2073). The attached chart illustrates the overall organizational structure of ERO: Figure: Organization Structure of ERO.